Understanding the build process

25 September 2019

Thomas Archer helps with what to expect during the build process

Thomas Archer helps with what to expect during the build process

Thomas Archer helps with what to expect during the build process

Thomas Archer helps with what to expect during the build process

Thomas Archer helps with what to expect during the build process

Thomas Archer helps with what to expect during the build process

Making the decision to knockdown your current house and build the home you’ve always wanted, is an exciting time. But just like the birth of any new project, it really helps to know what to expect during each part of the process.

The below building process guide will help you familiarise yourself with the steps involved in building your new home and how we support you through each and every stage:

The Design. Which home feels like home?

Choosing your design is actually one of the most important stages as it’s here you’ll be deciding what your home is going to look and feel like inside and out. Luckily, your Business Development Consultant will be working with you to help you select the right home for your particular needs. Be it a brand-new custom design or an architecturally pre-designed home from our Expressions Series, our team will ensure your new home perfectly matches your personality and your budget.

The Tender. What style reflects you and your lifestyle?

Your dream home really starts to come to life before your eyes at this stage, as you’ll be personally guided through all the internal and external style decisions at our immersive Style Studio. Once decided, we will prepare and present your Tender document inclusive of pricing and site costs.

The Contract stage. Ready to sign?

On acceptance of your Tender, you will be presented with an official HIA Contract including all your final selections and final fixed pricing fee. We’ll take you through this in detail and answer any questions you may have. Remember, your contract is a legally binding agreement, so it is imperative you read this thoroughly and ensure you are clear on all the obligations you are committing to. Once signed, we will begin all the necessary preparation for your home.

The Pre-site preparation. Paperwork & Permits.

This is the stage where all the necessary paperwork and permits must be applied for. Some we will manage on your behalf while others such as demolition you will need to do yourself. Not to worry though. We’ll always be there to support you and offer advice along the way.

The Site Start. Getting closer.

This is where your Building Permit will be issued. Once in hand we can then finalise all aspects of your plans including any changes the building surveyor has recommended. We’ll then place your orders within our system so we can start planning and co-ordinating your build.

Your Home Build. Time to see the dream come to life!

The construction of your home begins. You’ll be assigned your own Building Supervisor who will be your main point of contact throughout the build. They’ll meet with you to advise you of all the sub-stages and milestones throughout the build including:

  • Base: when your slab will be poured

  • Frame: where timber frames and roof trusses are installed

  • Lock-up: all the external cladding, bricks, roofing, external doors and windows are installed

  • Fixing: installation of internal finishes such as plaster, skirting boards, architraves, kitchen and bathrooms

Once the build is completed and final touches are applied, you and your Building Supervisor will walk through your home to ensure every detail is 100%. From here we prepare everything to hand over your home

The Settlement. Put out the welcome mat!

This is a hugely exciting time when we hand the keys over to your beautiful new home!
We’ll first meet with you at our offices to finalise all aspects of your build and talk to you about everything you have within your new home – and to pop the champagne!

The Warranty Inspection

Once 3 months have passed, we will again meet with you to conduct an internal and external inspection and make sure that everything is operating as it should.

And the final stage? A lifetime of happy memories in a home built with incredible passion and attention to detail that is the unique Thomas Archer experience.

If you’d like to know more about the details of each stage, then feel free to contact and to discuss. Keeping our client’s educated, aware and informed throughout the whole build is a priority at Thomas Archer and we are only too happy to make sure you aware of all the things you need to know and how we will also help you.