Top Design Trends of Coastal Living

08 January 2024

Contemporary house facade with landscaping

Modern render facade with landscaping and driveway

Modern House Facade with pool

External Hampton Facade

Front door hampton style

Front door of contemporary home

Modern entryway with herringbone floor

A modern living room with a large window and a black chair.

Woman descending timber stairs in a residential home

The allure of coastal living has experienced a surge in popularity with any seeking a change of pace, a closer connection to nature and a craving for wide, open spaces. With a heightened awareness of the benefits of proximity to nature, the irresistible pull of coastal living has become more sought after. This connection to being close to nature extends to its influence on your home; the landscape and surroundings often serve as inspiration for architecture and interior design. The Mornington Peninsula stands as a prominent example of how the coastal environment shapes both architecture and interior design. Explore our top design trends that capture the essence of modern coastal living:

Indoor, Outdoor Connection:

When architecture and interior design are influenced by the surrounding environment they form a seamless connection that harmoniously links the interior and exterior spaces. Coastal living personifies this, as it draws inspiration from the land, sea and sky, bringing the tranquillity of the coast into your home.

At Thomas Archer our architectural approach is one that creates an affinity with the biophilic design principle, emphasising a connection between people and nature. With soft lines and organic shapes becoming more present in the overall design aesthetic, we’re creating an enhanced a sense of connection to the outdoors through every aspect from rooflines, the layout of paths and even furniture – which echoes the natural shapes of the surrounding environment. A beautiful example of this concept can be seen in a recent project located in Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula, where the façade gracefully curves and hugs the pool adding a soft and alluring aesthetic.

Natural Light:

Abundant natural light is a defining feature, ensuring interiors feel open, airy, and seamlessly connected to the outdoors. Capturing natural light through floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors, and skylights is essential. This interplay of light bridges the gap between the interior and exterior, creating a harmonious balance of functional living, style, and the coastal landscape.

Maximising natural light and creating beautiful outlooks allows the natural surroundings to permeate the space. This can be determined through home orientation, façade design and the strategic placement of lines creating perfect harmony with the environment.


Natural materials and the use of nature’s colour palette both play a vital role in achieving a harmonious integration between the home and its coastal environment. The incorporation of materials such as timber cladding, textures like stone and lighter bricks enhance the aesthetic cohesion, reflecting the authenticity of the surroundings. A perfect illustration of this can be seen in an upcoming Thomas Archer project in Blairgowrie, the exquisite light brickwork and stone strikingly contrasts with the roof, mirroring the beautiful interplay of the sky against the land.

By embracing softer, lighter palettes throughout the home, the interiors establish a continuous flow that effortlessly connect with the coastal environment. This intentional balance, combined with white and light interiors, contributes to a cohesive integration whilst stronger colours help define your home and it’s outline against the surrounds.

At Thomas Archer, we are dedicated to delivering beautiful, architecturally designed homes that not only embody a timeless design aesthetic but also carefully consider the unique characteristics of the natural surroundings. If you're in search of a more personalised and thoughtful approach for your upcoming building project, reach out to us now to explore how we can tailor a solution that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle.