Top 10 Hamptons Kitchen Tips

15 May 2022

Hamptons style kitchen by Thomas Archer

Hamptons style kitchen by Thomas Archer

Hamptons style kitchen by Thomas Archer

Hamptons style kitchen by Thomas Archer

There is just something uniquely timeless about a Hamptons-style home, and the kitchen is right at the heart of it. From the colour palette to your choice of cabinetry, the much-loved Hamptons aesthetic can be presented in many different ways. Here are some of the latest trends to complete your Hamptons-style home.

Tip One: Making The White Pop

It goes without saying that the pristine white colour palette is synonymous with the Hamptons style. While many choose to go all white, the latest trend is for a little contrast to play up the crisp, fresh cabinetry. The contrast doesn’t have to be bold, but just enough to make the white stand out. A soft grey to the walls or lower cabinets goes a long way to add great visual impact.

Tip 2: Marvellous Marble

It seems a true Hamptons kitchen must feature swathes of marble, whether it is on the benchtops or the splashback. We love the rich, thick grey veins of luxurious marble, where no two are ever the same. Be it Carrara or Calacatta, the more veins it has, the better it looks. A more budget-friendly option is Caesarstone’s Calacatta range, which also makes a grand statement.

Tip 3: Stylish Splashbacks

The splashback in your Hamptons kitchen can be presented in so many different ways. Selecting handmade or ‘handmade look’ subway or rectangular shaped tiles are a popular choice at the moment and are available in a variety of soft colours and textures that can present a very ‘artesian’ feel. The choice of grout is equally important, with light grouting essential for a clean, contemporary look. Another popular option is to carry the stone on your benchtop through to the wall, creating a seamless, refined aesthetic.

Tip 4: Dramatic Cabinet Doors

A Hamptons kitchen often showcases Shaker-style cabinets, with its distinctive door profile. The doors’ outer rail width is usually 60mm, but you can choose from different options for a more dramatic look. Discuss with your cabinet maker to explore the possibilities. For an authentic Hamptons aesthetic, the cabinets should have a subtle, satin finish in white or soft grey. Upper cabinets could even feature glass panels to display your collection of tableware.

Tip 5: Cabinet Handles

The smallest details speak volumes about your Hamptons-style kitchen. Cabinet handles can really change the overall look, from their shape to their colour or materiality. Chrome handles are no doubt a classic choice, and black handles lend a more contemporary feel. While brass handles are all the rage in modern kitchens, they don’t quite belong in a Hamptons home, and distract from the aesthetic we want to achieve.

Tip 6: Crafted Tapware

The Hamptons-style kitchen celebrates classic features while bringing in modern elements. Shaker-style cabinets take us back in time, but your choice of tapware can bring us into the future. While ornate tapware can create a sophisticated vibe, brushed finishes will exude elegance and beauty. Consider brushed brass or gunmetal grey or nickel. In particular, brushed nickel is a warmer metal and will add timeless appeal. The tapware should ideally match your cabinet hardware.

Tip 7: Deep, Generous Sinks

A large, deep sink is a must in the Hamptons kitchen, so go as big as your budget and space allow. A white (of course) butler’s sink is a beautiful option. Made of ceramic, it adds a real sense of character and elegance, functional yet pleasing to the eye. Generous inset double sinks are also impressive, practical options.

Tip 8: Classic Illumination

The warm glow from pendant lighting elevates the Hamptons style, often appearing as a row of three above the island bench. With so many beautiful designs out there, choose one that best reflects your personal taste. A more traditional lighting style adds unique character to even the most contemporary Hamptons kitchen.

Tip 9: Contrasting Floors

To perfectly contrast the whites and greys, a dark timber floor puts the spotlight on your cabinetry, finishes and fittings. Deep warm tones such as walnut exude a natural warmth whilst Herringbone or Chevron flooring will give your Hamptons look a contemporary edge.

Tip 10: Your Personal Touch

What makes a kitchen truly yours, is you. Style it to reflect who you are while enhancing the space. Soften solid surfaces with warm, natural materials, from handcrafted bowls and timber serving trays to potted plants or unique vases. Your choice of furniture such as the island breakfast stools can add stylish function and form to the Hamptons kitchen.