Project Highlight – Somers Residence

20 April 2021

Somers Residence created by Thomas Archer

Somers Residence created by Thomas Archer

Somers Residence created by Thomas Archer

Somers Residence created by Thomas Archer

At Thomas Archer, building homes that perfectly reflect the lives and aspirations of our clients is something we take pride in and the defining principle that has seen our latest Landmark Custom design and build develop into a stunning visualisation of our client’s vision.

As a new residence in Somers our architect was challenged to achieve a design that at first glance was deceptively simple, but on closer inspection revealed a high level of detail, architectural integrity and seamless connectivity with the external surrounds all throughout the home.

The beachside location and native landscape setting informed the brief, with a minimalist aesthetic creating a commanding architectural statement whilst allowing a welcoming flow from room to room.

Fulfilling the client’s vision required an astute consideration of all aspects of the budget, with funds strategically allocated to specific areas where the most impact could be seen and felt such as the façade, double storey foyer, kitchen and light-filled open plan living area. Integral to the brief was a strong connection to the rear of the home, visibility to the poolside vistas from various areas around the house and an effortless indoor/outdoor transition, with the final result exceeding the client’s expectations of the vision for what their home could be.

The use of contrasting organic materials such as charcoal, white and grey on the façade sits in perfect harmony with the native coastal landscape and sets the scene for what lies beyond the inviting front door where impressive high ceilings and distinctive custom detailing immediately draws the eye. Whilst the double storey foyer magnifies the sense of openness, light and space, with the panelling adding texture and warmth while making a strong architecturally inspired first impression.

The focus on maximising the exposure to northern light was evident in strategically located voids, which created internal light courts and captured the essence of beachside living.

A play on the elements of light and dark gave the home a distinctive sense of constructural and design mastery. The wood flooring, which was perfectly colour matched to the stairs to provide an uninterrupted connection between the first and second floors, brought earthiness and warmth to the bold black and grey features, while muted tones introduced a sense of calm and harmony to the brighter areas of the minimalist palette.

Quality craftsmanship and attention to the finer details of contemporary family living is on display in the high-end quality kitchen which carries into the open plan living area.

Wall to ceiling windows on two sides of the home enhance the connection between the interior and exterior, with the poolside vista, native landscaping and alfresco entertaining areas in full picture-perfect view.

The rear exterior of the home presents a layout reminiscent of a modern resort, with the multitude of windows and glass elements emphasised in the reflection of the inground pool.

The second storey introduces a relaxed, intimate palette, with the use of muted tones prominent in the bathroom cabinetry and flooring.

Striking in its simplicity, the Somers residence encapsulates our personal approach and innovative process, venturing beyond the ordinary to combine a range of premium materials, textures and surprising design details that go above and beyond the vision of our clients to deliver an extraordinary, distinctive home.

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