Christmas Table Setting Tips

10 December 2022

Christmas table styling with Aimee Tarulli.

Christmas table styling with Aimee Tarulli.

Christmas table styling with Aimee Tarulli.

Christmas table styling with Aimee Tarulli.

Christmas is such a wonderful, time to have friends and family around to celebrate the year and enjoy each other’s company. Decorating your home and creating a beautiful table setting are two of the main highlights during these celebrations, and we’ve enlisted stylist, Aimee Tarulli, to offer her top styling tips for those hosting holiday events at home:

1. Start with a neutral base

Using a mix of neutral colours as a base will allow you to hero other aspects of your setting. Keep it interesting by mixing a warm grey tablecloth with cool grey and white placemats and serviettes to add a contemporary warmth to your setting. Compliment this with tinted glassware and vases.

2. Add colour

Adding bold pops of complimentary colours introduce an unexpected but welcome addition to any setting. Contrasted flowers with hot pink and fuchsia shades to present a modern twist on a traditional Christmas theme which will immediately speak to a quiet confidence in your styling during festivities.

3. Include a menu

A simple, yet elegantly designed menu placed on each plate demonstrates the thought and planning that has gone into hosting your event. It’s a subtle detail that shows the care and consideration you have taken to make your guests feel welcome and special.

4. Carry through your theme

Don’t forget the impact of beautifully curated desserts. Not only do they tend to stay on the table for a little longer, but they can also prove to be a highlight of the day! Impress your guests by carrying through your bold colour scheme with red and pink berries, or citrus fruits for a more natural palette. Add some to the top of your pavlova or try presenting them as an attractive side detail on a wooden serving platter with your Christmas pudding.