Behind the doors at our White House

25 May 2022

The beautiful White House created by Thomas Archer

The beautiful White House created by Thomas Archer

The beautiful White House created by Thomas Archer

The beautiful White House created by Thomas Archer

At Thomas Archer, the collaborative process we take with our customers, to ensure their house genuinely reflects who they are, is one of our highest priorities. We care about our customer’s journey and listen every step of the way, to ensure the vision they describe in our initial meetings comes to life. Our journey with the family who recently completed their beautiful White House is a perfect example of how this collaboration worked to create the unique home they envisioned from the beginning. We sat down with them to gain some insights into their experience.

Can you describe the features you were looking to include in building your new home and why you chose Thomas Archer?

We really wanted a timeless facade, a sensible floorplan, and wide variety of fixtures and finishes to select from, which is why we were looking to work with a boutique builder. We chose Thomas Archer because of their design and quality of their builds. Their wide selection of fixtures and fittings were also very appealing, as was the opportunity to work with the senior stylist and her team on the style selection. All these factors were a point of difference for us.

What was your favourite part of the build journey prior to construction and the features you love most about your Thomas Archer home?

We really enjoyed the selection process for the finishes and fixtures; this brought the design of the house to life which was exciting. We love the beautiful kitchen joinery, the natural stone features and the fireplace.

How did you find the construction process?

We were pleased with the construction process. The process ran seamlessly and we were constantly informed of progress on site. The building supervisor and TA office team were always available to us to discuss anything that arose or queries we had along the way.

Reflecting on the build, is there anything you would have done differently? What advice would you give to others looking to build their new home?

Looking back, we would have planned to include a study and probably my best advice to anyone looking to build their own home, is to do a walk-through to get a sense of how the floorplan will work. I also think doing the research and looking at homes previously built by builders you might have in mind helps you get a feel of their builds. Lastly, looking closely to see the real quality of the house, fixtures, and fittings you select really helps in bringing your vision to life.

If you could you sum up your experience in one statement what would that be?

Thomas Archer has been professional, a pleasure to deal with and committed to delivering a home of a high standard to us. Pleasingly, this level of support and care has continued beyond hand over day.