An Immersive Evening of Art & Design

14 June 2023

Our immersive evening of art and design provided our guests the unique opportunity to explore a stunning collection of artwork specifically commissioned and curated for our Elba display by the talented stylist, Aimee Tarulli of Archer Interiors.

Aimee skilfully moderated a conversation between prominent artists, Abstract Expressionist Artist and Gallerist Kerry Armstrong, Contemporary still-life flora and fauna catalyst Ali McNabney-Stevens and Photographer James Geer whose work features in the Elba. Through this captivating discussion guests gained insight into the selected art collection and what to consider when selecting artwork for their homes.

With thoughtfully placed paintings and prints transforming each room into an elegant gallery-like space, every turn offers new moments to immerse yourself in the beauty of the artwork.

For more information about the artwork showcased within our display or to enquire about purchasing any of the pieces, please view our Art Catalogue on our Immersing Art with Design page.

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