A Decade of Distinctly Different Homes

06 October 2023

Ten years ago, Thomas Archer embarked on a journey to redefine the world of home building.

Founded in 2013, we had a clear vision to create homes that not only met the highest architectural standards but also catered to the unique needs and dreams of Australian families. Recognising the gap between high-end architectural design and more standardised home builds, we bridged this gap bringing together a highly skilled team of architects, interior designers and construction experts to create homes that were not only beautiful but established a connection to the way families live within a modern environment.

By creating a bespoke architecturally pre-designed range and offering a full custom design service, we were able to provide clients with access to the best of all worlds, offering an accessible starting point with more considered and thoughtful designs.

Beginning within a retail office in Bentleigh, our focus was on delivering exceptional homes and client experiences. We began crafting homes with more thought built in and style considered with a small showroom to help our clients personalise their style. As our reputation grew, so too did the need to move our premises and in 2019 relocated to a larger office in Heatherton where we could further expand on the customer experience by opening our immersive and interactive Style Studio. Here our clients could experience a greater range of designer fittings, features and finishes that they could integrate into their homes all helping to create the distinct Thomas Archer edge we are known for.

Starting with our architectural pre-designed homes known as our Expressions Series and our Landmark Custom Designs, our appeal has garnered the interest of thousands with our distinct edge and high level of personalisation generating a huge level of appeal. We have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of style and design and now with over 500 homes under our belt, this approach has translated in families loving their homes and feeling deeply connected to who they are and how they live.

Whilst we are proud to have been recognised over the years with over 40 home awards, even winning the coveted Australia's Best Project Home in 2020 – at the heart has always been family, and our unwavering focus on our clients' dreams, needs, and desires acting as the driving force behind every home we’ve built. It's the reason we’ve been able to craft Distinctly Different Homes that are not only architecturally stunning but also deeply personal, reflecting the unique personalities and lives of our clients. It’s this motivating factor that inspires us to push boundaries and innovate, so we can continue to achieve for our clients in the years to come.

We’ve come a long way from ten years ago and today we are just as determined to do better and achieve more for our clients in the years to come – delivering homes that are Distinctly Different and Distinctly Yours.