Protected with Thomas Archer

27 June 2024

For over a decade Thomas Archer has been delivering homes with a distinct architectural edge, personalised to perfectly align with our clients’ personalities and lifestyles. Throughout this time, we’ve continued to grow in both size and reputation, with an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and high-quality results for our clients.

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and being transparent, honest and conducting ourselves with integrity, which we believe is crucial when it comes to our financial position – a source of pride for us. Unlike volume builders, our unique model allows us to control cash flow, swiftly respond to market conditions and budget accordingly, ensuring our viability and protecting our clients’ investment.

Our steadfast commitment to our clients is supported with key indicators of our strong financial position as below:

100% Australian Owned:

Thomas Archer is 100% Australian owned and operated and has continued to build a strong financial position over the past 10 years. We do not rely on foreign investment to keep our business afloat, rather astute financial management and acumen. Protecting our business, growing our people within it and most importantly delivering for our clients.

Proof in point of our position is the ownership of our display in Bentleigh East. This is not leased from investors nor a customer owned home. Unlike many builders, we at Thomas Archer, own our display outright and are currently in the market to design and build an additional fully funded display in the near future, once a suitable site is identified.

Domestic Building Insurance:

Indicative of the strength of our position is the recent increase of our Domestic Building Insurance (DBI) which has doubled in the past nine months alone. This increase is only available following a rigorous assessment by the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority, who take a vigilant approach to their review. The assessment process considers:

  • Equity within the business

  • Annual turnover and profitability, both current and over a sustained period

  • Business financial performance compared to forecasts

  • Onsite build performance which requires vigilant management of cashflow and pipeline of future construction work and strength

  • Supplier payment performance

  • Suitability of business overhead expenses for the pipeline of work.

Payment of DBI:

A legitimate concern within the industry has been ‘when’ builders actually take out DBI. Not taking this insurance out until construction has started exposes a client’s risk. However you can rest assured at Thomas Archer, we activate DBI on each project as soon as the 5% deposit is paid, making it valid from the time of deposit until final handover - safeguarding our clients through the entire build.

Supplier and Trade Payments:

We are proud to say that many of our trades and suppliers have been with Thomas Archer over the past 10 years, standing as a testament to the strength our partnership and our commitment to them. We have built strong partnerships by establishing fair and mutually beneficial commercial trading terms, ensuring all parties are paid on time, as agreed, without fail. This enduring loyalty reflects the trust and reliability we have cultivated throughout our journey, demonstrates the value we place in them and in return they continue to deliver to our high standards.

Building a new home is one of the most significant decisions you'll make, and at Thomas Archer, it's a privilege we take very seriously. We are here to provide you with the confidence and assurance that your investment is in safe, capable hands.

If you’d like to understand more or talk to one of our team about your upcoming design and build, then get in touch at and one of our Design Consultants will respond to your query.