Embrace Sustainable Living with Solar PV

31 May 2024

Solar PV installation on a Thomas Archer's home roof in Victoria

Installation of Solar PV - Residential Building Design

Solar PV installation - Residential Home Construction

In line with the recent changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) regarding energy efficiency, all new Thomas Archer projects from May 2024 will feature Solar PV as a standard inclusion. This change means your new home will come equipped with Solar PV panels on the roof, harnessing sunlight to power your living space. This inclusion offers benefits such as lower electricity bills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and compliance with energy efficiency regulations.

Tailoring to Your Needs:

Your electricity bill has two main components: network charges and electricity consumption charges. While Solar PV will significantly reduce your consumption charges, network charges will remain the same. The standard Solar PV system will noticeably lower your bill and is essential for achieving the 7-star energy rating for your new home.

Since every household's electricity usage is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The standard system is a great starting point, allowing for customisation to fit your specific needs and budget.

Partnering with Six Star Plus:

To meet the high quality standards and expectations of Thomas Archer, we have partnered with Six Star Plus, the market leader in Solar PV solutions. This partnership guarantees that your home will be fitted with high quality components backed by industry-leading warranties.

Upgrades for Enhanced Efficiency:

As part of our partnership with Six Star Plus, we’re able to offer additional upgrades for you to take advantage of these extra benefits:

  • Adding extra panels and upgrading the inverter to generate more electricity per sunlight hour.

  • Incorporating battery systems to store excess electricity for evening use.

  • Installation of an electric car charger.

Design Considerations for Optimal Performance

Rest assured we will work with you to find the best placement that balances maximum sun exposure with visual appeal. The placement of Solar PV panels typically doesn't face regulatory issues, but their location may be influenced by planning, local council, or personal preferences.

If you’d like to know more about our range of luxury inclusions, or discuss an upcoming home solution, then get in touch and one of our Design Consultants will be able to help navigate the right home solution for you. Contact us at info@thomasarcher.com.au