Aspire to Evolve

02 August 2022

The Evolve Series is Thomas Archer's new, innovative approach to home design.

The Evolve Series is Thomas Archer's new, innovative approach to home design.

The Evolve Series is Thomas Archer's new, innovative approach to home design.

The Evolve Series is Thomas Archer's new, innovative approach to home design.

Inspired by the knowledge gained from working alongside our clients and understanding the aspirations involved in every build, we have created a new approach to home design – Evolve Series. This innovative new design process grants you access to an array of architectural designs that you can modify to best suit your accommodation needs.

We sat down with the Director of Thomas Archer, Frank Tarulli, to find out more about the development of the Evolve series and the benefits clients can expect from their Evolve experience.

How did you come up with the idea for the Evolve series?

We always work very closely with our clients during their build journey, from concept through to delivery, and identified that there was a need for a middle ground between our Expressions Series and custom Landmark Series. We decided that the Evolve process could be just that and bridge the gap between architectural design and accessibility. It provides our customers with a home that they have always aspired to live in at a more affordable price point.

Do you start with Expressions Series designs as a base?

The beauty of Evolve is that it also allows clients to not only use our Expressions Series homes as a base but also access to a few additional floorplan designs that may be better suited to their vision and to their site. Once we have our clients’ design brief in hand, our team will develop the best outcome via a considered Concept design process.

What types of modifications can clients make?

Typical modifications clients look to make include relocating rooms to better suit their living needs, modifying window and door sizes and increasing ceiling heights. Adapting designs to vehicle access, existing pools, large trees and room orientation for solar gain are also reasons for this need.

Which types of modifications are excluded from Evolve?

Some projects simply require a custom approach. This could be due to a difficult, narrow or a heavily sloping site, a very specific architectural style that is required or perhaps, a high degree of construction complexity is necessary whereby we would recommend our Landmark Series to ensure we provide a highly considered and fully bespoke solution.

What are the benefits customers can expect from choosing Evolve?

Many design and development hours are poured into each pre-designed Expressions Series home. Each corner of the home is meticulously workshopped and every detail is considered. Modifying these existing designs allows us to lean on previous experience and refinements, resulting in building efficiencies that provide for a more cost-effective home.

Having predesigned joinery options to select from also helps with cost management, so our clients can make the most of their budgets. Each joinery design option has been carefully crafted by our inhouse Interior Designer to ensure each home has that distinct Thomas Archer look and feel.

Given we are repeating details already created, the Evolve process is generally faster than our Landmark Series, meaning you will be in your new home sooner.