A Glimpse into Brent Rosenberg’s Beautiful Mind

08 February 2024

Brent Rosenberg sitting in front of large scale painting, 'Heaven at night'

An art piece showcasing a woman' evokes a sense of mystery…A cool, edgy piece that sits beautifully in the master bedroom of The Elba.

A close up view of Brent Rosenberg art work 'heaven at night'

The upstairs living room of the Elba with Brent Rosenberg's  painting on the wall.

Brent Rosenberg standing next to his painting, 'the way I stare' in the Elba Display Home

Brent Rosenberg's painting, 'the way I stare' hung in the Elba display home

A Brent Rosenberg painting hung in the study at Thomas Archer's display home

Brent Rosenberg admiring his painting 'taken me'

At Thomas Archer, we’ve always had a love of art and celebrated Australian artists. Recently, we had the privilege of sitting down with the contemporary artist Brent Rosenberg, known for his striking female portraiture. With a family history rooted in Johannesburg, South Africa, Brent's artistic journey is a captivating blend of memories, emotions, and a deep connection to the human experience.

In this raw and candid interview, Brent shares with us not only his creative approach but also the influences that shape his distinctive artworks. From the nuanced details of his portraiture inspired by art and fashion, Brent provides us with a unique glimpse into his beautiful artistic mind and how his work transcends traditional boundaries.

Q: Brent, your portraits are striking and seem to carry a profound sense of emotion. Can you share with us how you approach the creation of your portraits?

Brent: ‘Absolutely, it all goes back to the core of my being – the memories, the experiences, the very essence of the time and space I have inhabited. Each of my portraits is a snapshot of a moment, a feeling, or a thought that has shaped me. The face is always the starting point; it's created first, then printed, mounted, and adhered to canvas. From there, I work with texture and form, adding layers on top, covering the woman's eyes and creating an intriguing story that draws you in. The process of adding textural layers often happens by chance, yet it seems to work, adding a new dimension to the story, almost ‘purposely unplanned’, contributing to the narrative of the painting. I might start with one idea, but when applied, it evolves into something else.’

As Brent delves into the intricate details of his creative process, it becomes apparent that his approach is a dynamic dance between intention and serendipity, resulting in artworks that are not only visually captivating but also rich in narrative and depth.

Brent's distinctive use of shapes, texture, and mixed media reflects his commitment to conveying growth and transformation. ‘Art, Fashion, and Music – they all play a significant role in influencing my creativity. I see my work as a contemporary expression, an intersection of these influences, shaped by the ongoing dialogue between my life experiences and the abstract world that surrounds us.’

Q: What other aspects from outside do you bring into your artwork?

Brent: ‘I love fashion and have always followed fashion. I find inspiration in new and old designers, observing what they create. I draw parallels between the creativity of art, fashion, music, architecture, and interior design, believing that they all lend themselves to each other. In my portraiture, I like to incorporate fashion elements as an expression of personality. Fashion, to me, is how you show the world who you are and how you express yourself and within my artwork it conveys insight into the subjects personality, adding another layer of intrigue.’

Q: What is your advice for people when selecting artwork?

Brent: ‘Start with scale and find something you connect with. Artwork doesn't have to be about the value but more about the emotions it evokes. If you find something you connect with, you'll always love it, and that feeling is something you want to stay with you every time you look at it.’

As Brent shares his advice, it’s evident that his passion for art extends beyond the canvas with a heartfelt desire to connect others through his creations.

Q: What's next for Brent Rosenberg?

Brent: "I couldn't imagine doing anything else other than being an artist and I always want to keep evolving. As a bit of a hint, I'm thinking about using more texture and incorporating textiles but keeping it uniquely me and something that I enjoy doing too.’

As our conversation draws to a close, it’s clear Brent Rosenberg’s artistic journey is one that will see more exciting work to come.

View our interview with Brent here

For more about Brent’s artwork visit: https://brentrosenberg.com