Malvern Residence #1

The elevated ceilings and combination of contrasting materials to the front of this home, with the white curved wall creates a unique and contemporary design.

Chadstone Dual Occupancy

These dual occupancy homes create one seamless façade with a commanding street presence.

Bright East Townhouses

These beautiful townhouses have been reimagined with a contemporary barnyard aesthetic brings together bricks, render and metal cladding to create a modern and striking appeal.

Camberwell Residence

Skillion roofing with a sleek architectural edge create a striking statement as you walk towards the spectacular home.

Blairgowrie Residence

The commanding design for a sprawling single storey home on green acreage hints at the stylish open plan layout within.

Upcoming Projects

We are always working with our clients and thinking about how we can do things better. Take a sneak peek at some of our upcoming projects.

At Thomas Archer, we are always innovating and improving on our designs. Our team of senior architects and interior stylists tirelessly explore new ideas, materials and solutions, creating uniquely tailored designs and limited editions inspired by you.

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