1 March 2020

Top Kitchen Trends for 2020

Minimal overhead cabinetry, informal dining, bold colour and streamlined stone are the leading trends transforming how we will utilise the kitchen; creating more opportunities for beautiful styling, statement pieces and unexpected colour.

Minimal overhead cabintery
One of the biggest trends to hit 2020 in kitchen design will be minimal overhead cabinetry, or even to go without. Gone is the traditional layout featuring a standard row of overhead cabinets on the rear of the kitchen. Instead we are viewing our kitchens as beautiful pieces of furniture at the front, relying on a fully kitted out butler’s pantry to be the real workhorse. So what happens in place of overheads? We will see creative shelf ideas to allow styling moments, beautiful low splashbacks, and statement rangehoods all taking centre stage.

Informal dining 
With Australians leading busier lives than ever before, a quick destination for informal meals is going to be big in 2020. We are seeing really creative ways to create an informal meals area incorporated into the island bench. They feature even wider islands to accommodate multiple uses, drop-down benchtops and seating on either side to create a bar table environment.

Bold colour
Looking at the annual colour trends coming from Europe, 2020 is about celebrating colour. We will see rich jewel tones such as inky navy and rust influencing our kitchen designs and finishes. This trend will encourage designers to bravely inject strong colour to create inspired spaces.

Streamlined stone
In favour of a more minimalist look, we will see the move away from chunky stone. The 20mm stone will become the preferred profile, with even thinner silhouettes as little as 6mm being offered in new materials like porcelain.

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