24 March 2020

The Art of Framing

Beautiful artwork or photography can make a real difference to your home. If you love a piece of artwork enough to purchase it, or a photograph enough to print it, then it really should be framed with a quality finish. Framing and displaying them the right way is important protect your investment and enhance the overall aesthetic. Here are some top tips to achieve the best results.

Choose the right frame for your artwork

Look at the colour tones in your artwork and choose a frame colour and finish to complement them. Black and white photography can look really bold and striking in a monochromic frame choice, and coloured pieces can look really warm with an oak frame. Consider the mount as it can help to draw your eye into the artwork. If it is a clean and minimalistic look you’re after, consider framing to the edge of the image. 
Get it done by a professional
The number one advantage of using a professional framer is getting exactly what you want. You get to choose the exact frame finish and have every detail looked into, including hanging mechanisms custom-fitted to your needs. The extra thought, love and care that goes into professional framing ensures your art or photographs are protected from UV light, and dry mounted to prevent movement over time. Professional framing preserves your artwork, letting you enjoy them for many years to come.
Position. Position. Position.
Think about the position of the artwork on the wall. Mark it out with painters tape to get a feel for its size and ensure you’re happy with its position before putting holes in the wall. Don’t hang the piece too high. Your eye should be in the centre of the work on the wall. For photographs and smaller pieces, think about interesting ways to display them, such as gallery wall. Before putting them up, plan the layout on the floor and take a photo on your phone to make sure they come together well. 

Combine photos with other art and objects
A shelf is a great way to combine both family photos, other works of art and objects in one setting. Creating an interesting “shelfie” will add interest to your home and become a real talking point. Mix up different sizes and colours, or go with a monochromic theme for a bold, striking look. 

Use photographic art
Photographic art adds a real dimension to a wall, taking the viewer on a journey into the pieces. They transport you to another time and place, instantly taking you to idyllic places.

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