14 August 2019

Homes uniquely designed for you

At Thomas Archer we uniquely shape the design and build of your home around your life through a collaborative architectural design and build process that results in homes that are liveable, beautiful and distinctively reflect your personality.

Imbuing your home with details that feel as though they distinctly match your personality starts from the first time we meet with you and continues right through the entire design process. We take pride in our ability to meet our clients’ design brief, while layering it with innovative design ideas and clever details and here are a few of our favourite pointers when shaping home designs for our clients’:

Creating the ideal floorplan

When it comes to the floorplan and overall home design, we consider everyone within it and what each person likes. The design is tailored around the members of the family and their lifestyle, how they come together and how each person likes to spend their own time. Keen attention is given to the practicalities of what you would like for more functional things such as storage for school bags or brining shopping in from your car. Each of these can influence what an ideal layout would look like for your family.

Think about your façade

What suits your personality when it comes to a façade? And what suits your location? Do you want to make a bold contemporary statement, or have you got a more coastal Hamptons aesthetic in mind? Have a think about what you see within your area and what you like, paying close attention to the details and finishes.

Add textural elements throughout your home

The use of different textures and finishes throughout your home can make an impressive difference. Combining organic finishes such as raw concrete, soft oak textures, woollen loop carpet and luxurious natural stone, with porcelain tiles and bold black fixtures will transform any space into one that is visually engaging and inviting. Additionally, reflecting some of the external textures and finishes internally will help create a seamless sense of style with an indoor-outdoor feel.

Whatever your personality or the direction you are after , we can help you curate the right aspects and make the right decisions to build the home that perfectly fits your lifestyle and personality.

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