14 June 2019

Hamptons-style with a modern edge

Hamptons inspired homes have captured the imagination for decades with their coastal charm and inviting feel. From striking weatherboard façades and elegant roofing to the crafted interior embellishments; done well these homes feel like you can escape from the world. 

Whilst there are countless sources to help you create that Hampton style, at Thomas Archer, we take pride in delivering the Hamptons aesthetic with a contemporary edge that truly reflects you. And our secret? Well, it’s all in the details!

In emulating the Hamptons look be sure to get your foundations right. Panelling on the wall, more ornate architraves, moulded skirting and decorative cornices create the canvas for you to work from. When complemented with big beautiful pendant lighting, modern appliances and designer features such as tapware and some gorgeous stone benchtops, your Hamptons base will be complete.

Inspired by the coast, the colour palette often evokes images of the sand and sea, which have become the hallmarks of this design, but if you are looking for a more contemporary edge, don’t be afraid to expand on this and introduce muted pastel tones through feature pieces – be that textural carpet rugs, plush oversized furniture or other linen and upholstery, adding an effortless sense of comfort.

For those who a little bit more adventurous, you can also play it up with elegant accessories, big and small against bright modern artwork which instantly adds contrast and intrigue to any room.

So, if you are thinking Hamptons, think about how you can add your own personal spin and create the environment that will capture the essence of time and your unique style.

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