18 April 2019

Getting the biggest impact for your budget

When building a home it’s often hard to know where to allocate your budget, and what areas to spend more money on than others. Our highly qualified team will guide you every step of the way from the overall design and plan of your home, right through to the finishes inside to ensure your budget allocation is going into the right areas.

‘Architecture is beyond form and function and lies in the spirit of the space,’ Thomas Archer’s in-house Architect Prash Iyer says; a statement that is now a holistic philosophy that underpins the design work at Thomas Archer. And below are a few areas worth considering when it comes to investing your budget wisely:

The façade is one of the most important features of any home. It’s the presence it commands on the street and the first impression to what lies inside. Thomas Archer place great importance on designing interesting facades with clever uses of mixed materials making a bold first impression from the street.

Porcelain and Stone
Thomas Archer include stone benchtops throughout the home and it’s worth considering the different types of stone available to create a lasting impact in the areas that will give you the biggest bang for your buck, like kitchens and bathrooms. Consider new materials like porcelain in fine profiles for a sleek architectural look or natural stone to create a distinctive mood. The options are endless, and our Interior Design team will work closely with you to select the best materials to give you wow factor in the areas that matter most.

Combining Materials
Consider how different materials can come together to create the home that feels like you. ‘A home is more than just a functional space made up of a client’s wish list of rooms, it needs to have a personality that’s integral to the owners that inhabit it’, says Thomas Archer’s Interior Stylist Aimee Tarulli and our qualified team of interior designers will work with you to make sure the materials you select reflect who you are.

Take a virtual tour of our ‘Gallery’ home to view a clever selection of mixed materials from the façade right through to cutting edge internal finishes.

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