14 October 2019

Designing your floorplan

Before you build your home, one of the most important things to get right is your floorplan. Not only does it help you visualise how one space flows to another, it lets you plan to size and scale. This ensures your home is designed for the life you want to live.

Think about the furniture you are buying or bringing into your new home. Work out where each piece should go and draw them to scale. This will help you plan for enough room to walk around them, or purchase the right furniture to suit your space.

As for the bedrooms, plan each one around the size of the bed. Let’s not forget storage and wardrobe space. You’ll also want as much natural light as possible. North-facing windows are best for a bright and cheerful home.

A good floorplan transforms a room into a room to live in. Imagine how your family will spend quality time together, how you entertain, and how you want to escape each day into your own private retreat. At Thomas Archer, we can help you choose a floorplan that makes it all possible.

Learn more from Thomas Archer Director – Frank, about why a well thought out floorplan is important and how it can benefit you.

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