10 July 2019

Creating a cosy winter home

As we spend more time at home during the cooler months of winter, it’s nice to feel you’re hibernating in a space that is warm and has that cosy feeling. At Thomas Archer, we know it’s the little things that can make all the difference, so we’ve curated our favourite styling tips to help transform your home into a sumptuous winter retreat.

Think layers of rich colours and textures

Winter is the perfect time to play around with different textures. The tactile feel of a faux fur, woollen throw or velvet cushion instantly warms you and draws you into the room.

Zoning areas in an open plan room through introducing plush oversized rugs will accentuate the cosy feel. If you’re a lover of cushions (and who isn’t?), change the covers for gorgeous velvety ones in darker hues and add chunky woollen or knitted throws on your lounge to invite everyone to snuggle in.

Accentuate with accessories

Candles, lamps and flowers are some of our favourite decorative touches to help cheer up a room and help accentuate a cosy feeling. Use scented candles to introduce gorgeous aromatics throughout your home and bring in floor and side table lamps to create an ambiance that encourages all to relax.

Also try rearranging your furniture to create cosy corners. An occasional chair makes a beautiful statement piece; add a side table and lamp and you have an instant reading nook.

Get cosy in the bedroom

Switch your linen to a darker colour for an instant mood-maker. Mix velvety pillowcases with layers of warming throws and cushions – perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings when you want to snuggle up in bed. Don’t forget to include smaller lush rugs adding to the texture and warmth to your retreat.

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