19 February 2020

2020 Top Bathroom Trends

When you are in need of rejuvenating, the bathroom is your private sanctuary, an escape from the outside world. While often a showcase of elegance and simplicity, bathroom trends in 2020 are seeing an exciting shift in approach and materiality.

Take a look at our top bathroom trends:

Mix of materials

Bathrooms are taking a bold turn in 2020, using a mix of materials to create drama and the ‘wow’ factor. The latest trend will see us selecting three statement hard finishes in a bathroom to create an interesting look. Large format tiles will appear alongside mosaics and statement stone to create impact with a ‘more is more’ approach. Gone is the use of the analogous single tile, with the best bathrooms combining multiple finishes in perfect harmony.

Open ensuites
As the love for luxury apartments and open plan living continue to rise, designers are thinking out of the box to elevate the ‘small space’ trend. This year, ensuites will open up and become part of the bedroom, creating larger spaces and the illusion of grandeur.

Natural stone
Natural stone brings an instant luxe factor to any bathroom and is what sets beautiful bathrooms apart from the norm. There are so many choices of natural stone, with incredible new varieties coming out of Europe. The desire to cocoon our bathrooms in stone is even bigger in 2020.

Make up nooks
Creating a designated space inside our bathrooms for a private retreat to sit and hold girlie things is beautiful and coming into next year we will see stylish break out spaces become integral design features in our bathrooms.

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